Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Next Chapter Teaser

I darted over to Rose and Emmett’s mom, Gertrude. I gave her a hug, gushing over her dress. Gertrude didn’t like me either because I was also divorced. The only person she could stand was Edward because he was widower. Though, in her mind, he should have stayed single and grieved his wife until he died. He was twenty-nine when she died. To get Gertrude off Rose’s back, I handed her Meredith. I said I needed to borrow Rose to discuss something with the priest. Gertrude, despite her prickly attitude toward Rose, loved her grandbabies.

“Thank you,” she gushed, hugging me tightly. “If I heard one more ounce of her vitriol, I’d seriously kill the woman. She’s like the she-devil!” Rose pulled back and looked at me. “What’s wrong?”

“Life sucks,” I shrugged. “Don’t worry about me. We have Meredith’s christening and it’s going to be awesome.”

“You’re not telling me everything. Tell me everything. I know I’ve been preoccupied with the baby, but Meredith has the worst colic and is allergic to soy and is lactose intolerant. Feeding her has been…a challenge. However, you look worse than me and I have a newborn and a toddler. Spill, Mrs. Masen.”

“How much do you know?” I asked.

“Your mom’s a bitch, tainting your stellar career and is attacking your husband, asking for exorbitant amount of money,” Rose summarized.

“Well, my mom is also ruining my marriage,” I sniffled. Rose frowned and dragged me into a back room, which was used for brides on wedding days.

“Tell me everything in five minutes or less,” Rose said, taking my hands. I quickly explained to her about the drinking, my fight with Edward, my fears of losing everything and Edward’s threat. I was a sobbing mess when I was done. Rose was sobbing with me, hugging me tightly. “Seriously, I want to shove your mother’s face into a steaming pile of shit until she chokes on it and dies.”

“Wow,” I laughed through my tears.

“And let’s not me started on Dr. Douchenozzle,” she deadpanned. “I get what he was trying to do but his execution and timing were piss-poor.” She frowned, wiping my tears away. “You guys need a vacation.”

“I need all of this to go away,” I grumbled. “I’m sorry, Rose. Today is supposed to be for Meredith and I’m griping about my problems. Just give me a few minutes and then I’ll be good to go.”

“I want to kick Edward’s ass for being a jerk and I want to seriously maim Renee,” Rose threatened. “None of this is your fault.”

“My reactions to it are,” I shrugged.

“Hell, hearing all of that makes me want to drink,” she snorted. “I’m sorry, Bella. I really wish there something I could do for you.”

“You did,” I said, straightening my hair and wiping my eyes. “You listened. That’s all that matters.”

“As much as I’m awesome, I shouldn’t be the one listening. Edward should,” she chided. Kissing my cheek, threaded her arm with mine and we walked out to the sanctuary.

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