Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mafia Princess Update...

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“Now, the money question,” she smiled softly. “Do you love him?”
I sat in my bed and replayed that question over and over again. I said no to Dr. Cope. Why did I say no? Because you’re in denial, Bella! I did love Edward. I loved him even more now than I did before because his true personality was coming out. That ‘thing’ that was hovering over us is gone and he’s truly amazing.
Perhaps, it was the trust issue. Did I trust him? That’s the money question…ask me that, Dr. Cope! Will I ever trust him?
Come on, bitch, you know you want to trust Edward. He saved your naked ass from that awful room. He’s been with you. Every step of the way. He’s quitting his job. For you. Admit it, chickie, you love him and the trust is coming back.
Shut. Up.
I think that Dr. Cope didn’t believe me. You don’t believe you. Why would she? She smirked and jotted down a few notes before ending our session after she asked that.

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