Monday, September 16, 2013

Clarification for Mafia Princess...

A few people left some comments...and were guests so I can't respond to their reviews. I'm going to respond here...

#1. Aro was caught. 

#2. In regards to Bella's torture, it will be explained in a later chapter (probably near the end when I have the trial). However, long story short...she was tortured because Aro is a sadistic son of a bitch. It's his MO. He wanted to hurt Charlie where it hurt the most...Bella. He always had a soft spot of his baby girl. Always will. 

#3. Yes, Aro is Bella's biological father. 

#4. He has no soul. 

#5. Sulpulcia is NOT Bella's mother. Renee was. She was captured and tortured by Aro in a similar fashion while Charlie was doing business. Again, more detail will come out when there's the trial. (Or description of the trial). 

#6. Bella was sexually assaulted, but not 'raped' through penetrative sex. It was all to screw with her mind. She's very strong and it will take time for her to get over it, but she'll bounce back. 

#7. Edward rocks my socks. Just sayin...


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