Monday, September 16, 2013

Mafia Princess Updates!

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I woke up nauseous and woozy. I also felt like I had an audience. I blinked again. When my vision cleared, I saw three men standing at my feet. Thankfully, I was covered with the duvet cover. I blinked again and saw James, Riley and Aro staring at me.
“I don’t see it,” Aro said, narrowing his eyes.
“Well, it’s a little hard now,” James said as he held up his hands. “She’s got your nose and the same shaped lips. They’re a little misshapen right now.”
“You could have not beat the crap out of her face,” Aro snarled, punching James and sending him flying. He landed heavily on his back. “Get the fuck out. I want to talk to Isabella.”
“Come on, boss! I want to be in here and see her face when you tell her,” James sulked.
“GET OUT!” Aro screamed, tossing objects in the direction of James’ voice.
“James, come on. We can see it on the television,” Riley snickered. I heard a shuffle and the door slammed shut.
“Ingrates,” Aro sneered before turning back to me.

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