Sunday, August 25, 2013

Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

Chapter Ten on FFn

Viva Lost Wages on AO3

Viva Lost Wages on TWCS

“Mom, can we stop at Victoria’s Secret? They have this adorable bag that I want to get,” Kyra gushed.
“Victoria’s Secret?” I grumbled, eyeing my oldest daughter. “You better not be buying lingerie for your boyfriend.”
“Ewwww!” Kyra squealed. “I’m so not ready for that. I like Thomas, but am I ready to have sex with him? God, no.”
That would make Edward happy. However, he’s about ready to have an aneurysm from the hushed conversations that Kyra and Steve have been having, plus accepting the fact that Kyra’s dating. We’d both talked to Steve and Kyra on separate occasions. They both assured us that nothing was going on, but they still had their whispered talks on a nightly basis. Something was up between the two of them and neither of them are budging on divulging their secrets. Sighing, I decided to let Kyra handle this in her own way. She was growing up. She would be eighteen in July and going away to college. We weren’t always going to hover over her. My baby girl was growing up. I needed to let her make her own decisions and learn from her own mistakes.
As much as I hate it. Crap.
Besides, I have three remaining children to dote on.
My minions, as it were.
Edward teases us, that we had children to do our bidding; spread good as opposed to evil. For the most part, our kids did do what we asked them to do and were so generous. Probably the most generous being Masen. He would give you the clothes off his back if you asked for them.
Ahhh, my little minions.


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