Monday, August 26, 2013

Mafia Princess Teaser

“I know it’s bad, but I haven’t been here all that much since Charlie had me become your bodyguard,” Edward said quietly. “With the increase in my pay, I’m looking to upgrade and move out of this shithole.”
I walked around, sitting down on the dilapidated sofa. I nearly fell through to the carpet below. Edward had to help me up, moving me to another cushion that was a bit more supported. “Wow,” I said, looking around.

“We can go,” he muttered, his gaze falling to my feet. “I know it’s not anything special, but at the time, it was all I could afford.”

“Edward, it’s fine. I’m not used to it, but you’ve made it homey,” I replied. It was immaculately clean and there were touches here and there that were uniquely Edward: pictures of Chicago, mainly the Chicago Cubs, a few photos of Edward as a kid with a pretty red-headed woman, presumably his mom. There were some makeshift shelves, filled with books of all types. However, the most predominant book were crime novels and mysteries. 

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