Sunday, August 25, 2013

Update Plan

I seriously need more hours in the day or I need to find a way to right full-time. I’m so far behind on everything I want to do…
Anyhow, my update plan is as follows:
  1. Post the Surviving the Teenage Dream Update (probably going up tonight or tomorrow).
  2. Finish up the drama in Mafia Princess - I had to step away from this one since I couldn’t get my groove with it. I’ve got four chapters to begin writing the drama and yeah, I’m prolonging the inevitable.
  3. Start the update for The Next Chapter. Originally, I said that I wanted to have this done before I started school. That SOOOOOOOOOOO didn’t happen since I’m into my third week of classes. My new goal is to have it finished by Christmas. 
  4. Create an idea for a possible One-shot/start to a new story for Fandom for Friends. Fandom for Friends - I want to contribute, but I don’t know what…
  5. Start the next update for A Ilha do Amor

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