Thursday, June 13, 2013

Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

Chapter Eight on FFn

Pontiac Prison Blues on AO3

Pontiac Prison Blues on TWCS

"Edward, for love of God, sit down," Bella giggled. "Kyra will be home after the dance."
"She's at said dance with her boyfriend, Bella," I grumbled. "They could be off in a corner somewhere, copulating and we'll become grandparents."
"Oh, for fuck's sake," Bella snarked, arching a brow at me. "They are not copulating. Thomas is a sweet boy. He wouldn't be doing that in public."
"That's what my mother said about me and look at us now," I deadpanned. "We're still like bunnies…"
"Huge difference, Edward. We are married for nearly twenty years. Kyra and Thomas have been dating for less than twenty days. Do you want a blow job to calm you down?" Bella asked, giving me a smirk over her book. I shot my wife a look. "Just asking…"
The door opened and the sounds of Kyra, Thomas, Owen and Tasha filled the foyer. I hopped up and nearly sprinted to check on them. Was my baby girl pregnant? Bella came up behind me and smacked my arm. I tried to look sheepish but yeah didn't happen. There was something amiss with Kyra. Her hair was down and she was trying to hide her neck.
If that boy gave her a fucking hickey, I'll chop off his tongue, followed by his balls.

Pontiac Correctional Facility


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