Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

The door opened and the sounds of Kyra, Thomas, Owen and Tasha filled the foyer. I hopped up and nearly sprinted to check on them. Was my baby girl pregnant? Bella came up behind me and smacked my arm. I tried to look sheepish but yeah didn’t happen. There was something amiss with Kyra. Her hair was down and she was trying to hide her neck.

If that boy gave her a fucking hickey, I’ll chop off his tongue, followed by his balls.

“Mom, can we watch a movie downstairs? The dance was kind of lame,” Kyra explained.

“Sure, sweetie. But keep in mind of your guests’ curfew,” Bella reminded. Kyra nodded and asked if Tasha wanted to borrow something to get out of her dress. Thomas and Owen went downstairs, removing their ties as they left. I was about to follow them but Bella stopped me. “I don’t think so, Edward Anthony.”

“I want to watch the movie, too,” I smirked.

“Edward, think about it. What girl or boy wants their decrepit father hanging out with them?” Bella asked, poking my shoulder.

“I’m not decrepit,” I pouted.

“Whatever, not the point. You’re not going down there. I’m a hundred percent certain that nothing will happen because Owen will be down there, too,” Bella admonished. “You hear me?”

“Yes, Bella,” I muttered, pouting sullenly. She pulled me back into the family room, resuming our television show from the DVR. Kyra and Tasha came down wearing some jeans and sweaters, raiding the kitchen for munchies. Bella poked me and physically turned my head to the television. I scowled at her but decided to go with it. She cuddled up next to me, watching our own movie.

Around one, Tasha’s parents came to pick her up. Owen nervously kissed her cheek and they made tentative plans to get together over Christmas break. Thomas left shortly after Tasha. He lovingly kissed my baby girl, caressing her cheeks before leaving in his Honda Accord. Kyra floated past Bella and me, seemingly over the moon for Thomas. However, I did notice that she was wearing a turtleneck. Seriously, if that boy gave my principessa a hickey…

“You’ve left hickeys on me, angel,” Bella chided, elbowing me in the ribs. “It’s a rite of passage.”

“Rite or not, I still don’t like it,” I grumbled. My wife, the sexy beast she is, tugged on my hand. Her lips took purchase on my neck and she gently sucked and nibbled. Her fingers on her left hand danced over my sweater, moving closer to the waistband of my jeans. Lowly, she moaned against my skin as he hand came in contact with my belly. “Fuck.”

“Language,” she giggled. “Shall I mark you? Hmmm?”

I looked at my wife. She was smiling smugly as her hand moved into my pants. The monster between my legs woke up and I definitely wanted to be marked. “Only if I get to return the favor, gorgeous.” She giggled and danced away, running up the stairs. I locked the door, turned off the lights and followed her.

I came to the conclusion that my wife, whom I love more than life itself, is part vampire. I have my own share of hickeys all over my body. 

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