Monday, May 13, 2013

Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

Chapter Seven on FFn

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“Okay guys, I just got a text from your dad. I’m driving you to Miss Alice’s house,” Steve explained. He looked stressed out as he read the text on his cell phone. “Everyone buckled?”
“Yeah,” Mia chirped from the backseat. “Is everything okay?”
“Everything’s fine,” Steve responded, giving a forced smile to my sister. I poked Steve in the arm, arching a brow at him. He shook his head minutely. Huffing out a breath, I settled back into my seat as he backed out the garage.
“I wonder why Daddy asked you to drive us, Steve?” Mia pondered, twisting her long brown hair in her fingers. She had a bit of a crush on Steve. Hell, so did I. He was hella hot.
“Your mom and dad needed to discuss some things about a security breach,” Steve said, shifting in the seat.
“Security breach?” I asked. “Are we not safe?”
“No, you’re fine,” he replied, giving me a reassuring smile. “There’s just evidence of someone trying to break through the fence in the back of the yard.”
“Do you think it’s that guy who’s stalking Mom?” Owen questioned, pushing his glasses up his nose. “Jerry?”
“Jacob,” I muttered. “I wouldn’t be surprised. That guy has got a hard-on for mom something fierce.”
“Ewww, Kyra,” Masen blanched. “That’s our mother you’re talking about. Gross!”

Stir Crazy

Edward's Aston Martin

Stir Crazy

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Winter Formal

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