Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

“K,” Owen called to me as we walked into the house. “What do you think is going on? With this Jacob dude?”

“I don’t know, Wan,” I said, looping my arm through his. “It’s some scary shit. Random, too. Why would this guy all of sudden want to be with Mom after twenty some odd years?”

“Do you think he’ll get her?” Owen asked, his hazel eyes searching mine.

“He’ll have to come through our security force, us and Dad. Shit, Dad would kick this guy’s ever-loving ass. The need to protect is ingrained deeply in him. Plus, his love for our mom is all-encompassing,” I said wistfully.

“It is. I so want that,” Owen snorted. “I want that a lot.”

“You’ll get it,” I said as I tugged him inside. “Perhaps with that girl you met at the district festival?”

“Nah,” Owen shrugged. “She’s cute but not my type.”

“Why did you ask her to the dance?” I asked.

“I have to undo some of the damage you and your cronies caused,” Owen said, glaring at me through his glasses. My friends spread the nasty rumor that Owen was gay and that he had a threesome with the bassoon player and tuba player. I knew it wasn’t true, but I didn’t stop Mackenzie from spreading the rumor. During the September of my discontent, Owen had told me that he was deeply hurt by this and I felt so guilty over it. After that situation, I began distancing myself from my friends. I knew it was social suicide, but honestly I was never going to see these bitchy girls after this year anyway.

The relationship with my brother is forever.

I was so stupid to choose my friends over him. “I’m sorry, Wan,” I frowned.

“I know, K,” he sighed, pulling me to his side.

“Kyra! I need your help, sweetie!” called Nana. Adam was rushing out of the kitchen. His eyes were wide with shock and his nose was wrinkled in disgust.

“Is it bad, Adam?” I squeaked.

“Be afraid. Be very afraid,” he said, putting his hand on my shoulder. “My mom forgot to defrost 
the turkey.”

“Jesus, I’m clueless when it comes to cooking and even I know that,” Owen snorted.

“Yeah, I’ve been kicked out. You want to go up and play Call of Duty?” Adam asked.

“Is Lucas coming?” Owen replied.

“They’re ten minutes away,” Adam answered, taking my brother by the arm. “We have enough time for some Mountain Dew and munchies before Lucas gets here.”


I watched them as they jogged up the stairs. I really didn’t want to go into the kitchen. I feared what was in there. I was a decent cook. Thankfully, I got that from my mom. Dad was a good cook, too. Mom was ever-so-slightly better. 

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