Monday, May 27, 2013

Angels and Monsters Teaser

“I have a question for you, Tanya,” Alice began, nonplussed to Tanya’s anger and disdain toward her. “Who changed you? You’re eyes, they’re very red and your emotions are all over the place.”

“A redhead,” Tanya answered. “She promised me that I could get my love back.”

“Where did you meet her?” Jasper asked.

“Some club. I was out with a few friends and I was missing Eddie,” she replied, looking at me longingly. “I still love him. I want another chance. The redhead said that she could make me more beautiful and that Eddie would want me. Well? Did it work?”

Bella rolled her eyes. I just snickered. “Nope. Tanya, I do not feel anything toward you. If anything, I feel pity for you,” I said, looking at my ex-fiancée. “You were lied to, Tanya. That redhead, her name is Victoria. She believes that I’m her mate. She’s using you to get to me.”

“Lies,” Tanya said, glaring at me. “She promised you to me. She said I could keep Eddie. All I had to do was kill that.” She pointed to my girl. She rotated her shoulders, cracking her knuckles and prepared for her fight. “I’ve never fought anyone. Why not start now?”

“You can try,” Bella said, arching a brow. With that, her shield slammed down around us and Tanya couldn’t even approach us, touch us, even if she tried. Tanya snarled, launching herself at Bella. She was met with the shield, falling to the concrete in a heap.

“What the fuck?!” she shrieked. She glared at us and then at Alice and Jasper. “The redhead said that you’d be an easy kill. She lied.” Tanya hopped up and huffed out a breath. “This isn’t over. I will get you back, Eddie and your little wifey will be ashes.”

“No, she won’t,” Alice sang, bouncing over to me and Bella. “You will, honey. Go off and play in traffic, slutbag.”

Tanya screamed shrilly before dashing away. I frowned at Alice’s dismissal. “Was that wise, 
Alice?” Bella asked, her mind reacting like mine was: confusion at Tanya’s departure. 

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