Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Prescription for Love Update

Chapter Thirty on FFn

Chapter Thirty on AO3

Chapter Thirty on TWCS

Bella's sperm donor was waving around a hefty looking gun, with two others clipped to his belt and a rifle strapped to his back. The current gun was focused it on me, Garrett and Bella. He blinked a few times, seemingly shocked at our inaction. "Are you all deaf? Move or this kid dies," he spat, moving the gun to some random child sitting next to him. He cocked the hammer, pressing the barrel of the gun into the child's temple. The mother was crying, trying to pull him away.
"Okay, Charlie," Bella said. "Put the gun away and let these people go."
"Maybe I should make a statement," Charlie snarled, tapping the barrel to his lips. "I've been wronged one too many times. First by the drug dealer who shot me in the leg causing it to rot off, then by the doctors who took my leg and wouldn't give me medication to stop the pain, then my fat-ass WORTHLESS daughter who fucking abandoned me and had me arrested and finally by the justice system that believes I'm a lunatic." As he ranted, his voice grew louder and louder. By the time he was done, Charlie's face was red in anger and his vein was throbbing in his forehead. With an animalistic scream, he turned to someone and shot the gun.
A woman in a chair on the far side of the waiting room slumped and blood began pouring out of her chest. The room erupted into chaos, people running out of there quickly. Garrett ran to the woman, pressing his hands onto her wound, trying to staunch the blood flow that was gushing out of the massive wound. A tall man walked to Garrett, forcefully pulling him away from the bleeding woman. "She's as good as dead anyway," said the gruff voice.
"Everyone inside!" Charlie barked, pointing the gun at my Bella.


Jacob's/Garrett's Gun

Jacob/Edward's Gun

Charlie's assault rifle

Charlie's Desert Eagle

Charlie's Glock

New Plates for Edward

Bearded desperate need of a haircut. 

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