Friday, April 26, 2013

A Prescription for Love Update

Chapter Twenty-Eight on FFn

Chapter Twenty-Eight on AO3

Chapter Twenty-Eight on TWCS
“Damn, Ali,” I breathed. “That was…no words, baby.”
She just giggled and traced her fingers along my bare chest. “I’m glad you liked it. Reverse cowgirl is one of my favorite positions, Garrett,” she purred. Her soft lips dragged languidly along my torso, licking and nipping at my nipples. “You get a lovely view of my ass and I can play with my clit as I was riding your cock.”
“Fuck, I want you again,” I growled, cupping her face and kissing her aggressively. She moaned, twining her fingers in my hair and spreading her legs for my wandering fingers. I was about to cup her pussy when my cell phone chimed from the nightstand. It was a text. Alice’s phone also chirped. “Crap.”
“It could be the hospital,” she panted. “To be continued?”
I placed her hand on my cock, which was rock hard. “What do you think, you sexy minx?” I asked. She giggled again, getting out of bed. She sauntered, naked as the day she was born, to my bathroom while I watched her intently.
God, I loved her. If only I had the balls to tell her.

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