Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Ilha do Amor Teaser

I got into my car and Paul settled himself in the passenger seat. “First stop, Frederick’s of Hollywood,” he said. “We need get you something that will make your man hard in less than three seconds. Then, we need a dress to put on top of it. If Edward is like any hot-blooded man, he’ll want to fuck you as soon as he sees you. This pants nonsense is just that…nonsense.”

“Excuse me?” I chuckled.

“Bella, he’ll want to lift your skirt, tear off your barely-there panties and plunge inside of you,” he retorted, arching a brow over his designer sunglasses. “No wonder Tyler turned gay.”

“Shut up, ass,” I hissed, smacking his arm. Paul gave me an adorable grin, indicating he was joking.

“Call Angela, Jessica and Becca. See if they’re available,” Paul smirked.

“Jessica and Becca are working. I’ll see if Ang is free to turn me into a hooch,” I quipped. I dialed her up. Unfortunately, she had an appointment with her doctor. She couldn’t come. Shortly after I finished the conversation with Angela, we pulled up to Frederick’s of Hollywood. “Why am I doing this?”

“To make your studmuffin of a boyfriend come in his pants,” Paul said seriously. He got out of the car, skipping to the entrance. I rolled my eyes. Paul really was an older, male version of Alice. God bless him and his enthusiastic attitude. Inside of the store, Paul already had a handful of black lacy things in his hands. “When was the last time you had a lingerie overhaul?”

“My bachelorette party,” I replied, plucking a scrap of satin from his hands. “Crotchless panties?”

“Easy access,” he replied, taking them back. “Public sex is fucking amazing. This one time, with Joe, we fucked at a concert. I never came so hard since anyone could have seen us. Try it sometime, Bella.”

“Ah, no,” I deadpanned. “Who was Joe?”

“Boyfriend from two years ago. He’s now in Milan, working as an assistant for some fashion designer.” Paul shrugged and wandered over to some lingerie that looked a lot like a school girl’s uniform. “Oh, you have to get this, Bella. Braid your hair and dayum!”

“You’re so deflecting, Paul,” I said as I looked at the lingerie he was pulling off the racks. “Do you 
still love Joe?”

“Nope. He cheated on me,” Paul replied, walking to a rack of chemises. “I’m happy with Robert. Perhaps, you’ll be getting a wedding invite from me.” Paul blushed and held up a chemise to my body. He wrinkled his nose before swiping a purple one, nodding at it. “I’m planning on proposing to him on Halloween.”

“Congratulations, Paul,” I smiled, hugging my friend. “Do you have a ring?”

“Yep. It’s pretty simple. A platinum band with channel set diamonds,” he said. “I would have loved to give him something ostentatious but Robert is so simple. He’s definitely the yin to my yang.” He thrust the pile of lace into my arms. “Try this stuff on. I know it will all fit, but I want to be sure.”

I took the proffered lingerie and went into a fitting room. As Paul predicted, it all fit well. I exited the fitting room and he took all of the sexy things, striding to the checkout. He whipped out his platinum card and paid for all of my lingerie. “Paul,” I chided.

“Hush, girl,” he admonished. “Consider it a birthday present. It’s not like my inheritance is going to get any smaller if I spend a few hundo on my favorite straight girl to seduce her man. Grandfather would be happy that I’m spending it on a girl.” He smirked adorably and signed the slip with a flourish. 


Bella's dress to greet Edward

Naughty school girl lingerie

What Bella is wearing under the dress

Bella's Volvo

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