Friday, April 19, 2013

A Prescription for Love Teaser

A half hour later, Bella’s medication kicked in and she crashed. I checked the time again and saw that it was after four. Edward should be out of the courthouse. I dialed his number and thankfully, it rang. “Hey, Garrett,” he said wearily.

“Hi, Edward. How was court?”

“Gruesome,” Edward explained. “The prosecution called the detectives who had Rose’s case and the doctors who examined her and performed her surgeries. Seeing pictures of my sister all torn up…it was too much. For everyone. The judge had to grant a recess since several jurors were sickened by the pictures. Royce, the douchetard, looked smug and proud.”

“Holy shit,” I breathed. “When does court resume?”

“Tomorrow at one,” Edward sighed. “What’s up?”

“I’m at your place. Have you checked your phone?”

“I’ve got two voicemails from Bella. Why?” he asked.

“She sent me a text with one word… ‘help,’ and I found her in the fetal position on the ground in your bedroom,” I said.

“Is she okay? Oh my God, I need to be with her,” Edward rambled. “Please tell me she’s okay.”

“She’s fine. I gave her some Lorezapam and she crashed but she was really freaked about a dream or something. I couldn’t get her calm enough to tell me,” I said, looking at my best friend’s girl. Her face was still red from crying with tear stains on her plump cheeks. Her brown hair was a mess on the pillow and she looked so distressed, even in sleep. “Look, man, I know that your sister is a mess right now, but so is your girl. I’ve asked Ali to cover for her.”

“Let me get my sister home and then I’ll be over,” Edward said, his voice tight with stress. “Thanks, Garrett.”

“No problem,” I said, running my hands through my hair. “See you in a bit, man.” Edward grunted and hung up the phone. I sat next to Bella, holding her hand. An hour later, Edward arrived and saw her on the bed, crying in her sleep. He gaped at his girl and then nodded to me. I followed him in the hallway. “She’s been like this since I gave her the meds. Did you listen to her messages?”

“It was just her crying, begging me to come home,” Edward replied, his green eyes filling with tears. “She didn’t say anything?”

“She mentioned a dream and that you had died by Charlie’s hand?” I responded, arching a brow. 
“Charlie’s her dad?”

“Yes. An asshole,” Edward spat. “He kicked her out of her apartment on Christmas. Dumped all of her clothes into the dumpster and covered them in trash and bleach. Then, he attacked her in the ambulance bay of the hospital, bitching that she stopped paying his medical expenses after he kicked her out. Charlie was arrested but was released on bond. Someone had to have paid it since Charlie is broke. I don’t know.”

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