Thursday, March 7, 2013

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

It was a short walk from the hotel to the restaurant. Casey, Oliver and Steve were invited to the restaurant, but decided to hang outside. They got something to eat while we slept, rotating in and out of the room during the nap. We were seated relatively quickly due to the size of our party: six people. I ordered a bottle of wine for me and Bella while the kids got authentic cherry cokes. Over our meal of pizza for the kids and some pasta for Bella and me, we talked about all that Bella missed while she was gone. Mia made the cheerleading squad. Kyra was getting all A’s (as of this most recent grading period). Owen auditioned for all-state and got called back to the district festival. Masen was the only one who didn’t have big news. He was just coasting by, preparing for his audition for the musical after winter break.

I told Bella about the launch of the newest tablet and she was overjoyed at the press it was getting. Not to sound cocky, but Whitlock Technologies was more recognized than Apple at this point. At least in a professional standpoint. Apple was still kicking our asses in the music players, but we were doing awesome with the tablets, law enforcement technology and now, medical advancements with my version of the ‘tricorder.’ I was amazed at the accuracy of my invention. It was now at the point where I could start doing trials with it, gathering information from doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners about the quality of the product.

Bella shared her news about becoming the screenplay writer for Rose’s film. Kyra was the most shocked. Rose was Kyra’s idol. In a way, Rose and Kyra were kindred spirits. I saw a lot of my quasi-sister-in-law in my daughter. However, it was the most obnoxious part. Loud mouth. Attitude. Snarky retorts. Bitchy. Ugh, I’m such a horrible father. I just called my daughter bitchy. Anyhoo…Kyra never really registered that Bella was Rose’s agent or that she was Rose’s best friend. Knowing that my wife was now writing the screenplay for The Charmed Ones, Kyra was having some slight hero-worship of Bella.

We finished our dessert and left the restaurant, walking back to the hotel. Owen was walking backwards as he was excitedly planning our day. “I’m so pumped about this,” he chattered. “The park opens at ten, but I know Dad got the early admission. We get in an hour earlier! We should be up by no later than seven, breakfast at eight and in line by eight-thirty.”

“Owen, it’s vacation. Relax,” Kyra snickered, grabbing at his shirt. Owen scowled playfully at his sister. Kyra rolled her eyes as she pushed past him.

“Since we only have tomorrow and Monday to go to the parks, we’ll be up early, Owen,” Bella said diplomatically. “I’ve only ever been to Disneyland when I was a little girl. I don’t remember much.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Owen said as he pulled out a book, yammering about all of the places he wanted to inside of the park. His enthusiasm was endearing. Mia and Masen were with him, just as excited. Kyra was wandering ahead of us, talking quietly to Steve. My eyes narrowed at the two of them. 

She's just a baby...and it's illegal, Burgess. 

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