Monday, March 4, 2013

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

So, shortly after the hot Skype internet sex I had with my wife on Thursday, I called up my pilot. Yes, I had a pilot. Whitlock Technologies has three private jets. I asked him to prepare a flight plan for Friday to Sunday, going to LA. We were leaving to go the private airstrip in an hour. Owen, Masen and I were essentially packed. Mia and Kyra were lollygagging. Well, rather, Kyra was questioning my motives for this impromptu family vacation, claiming that sex was my motivator.

That’s part of it, daughter of mine…

The main reason for the trip was my apprehension over Jacob’s obsession with my wife.

We were staying at the Grand Californian and I had tickets for Saturday and Sunday for the parks. Our kids were old enough that they could go on their own, as long as they had a security guard with them while I spent some time with my wife. Hopefully in bed. Naked.

Dear God. Kyra is right. My seventeen year old has caught on to my tells. Shit.

“You’re blushing, Pop,” Kyra laughed. “That is sooooooooo the reason for this trip.”

“You go finish packing,” I chided. “Casey is coming with Oliver in forty-five minutes. The plane is due to take off in two. Time is of the essence, Kyra. Get your sister to get a move on.”

“Sure, Daddy,” she winked, dancing out of my room. “We won’t be late so you can get your swerve on.”

“KYRA!” I barked. She just laughed. Rolling my eyes, I zipped up the suitcase and lugged it downstairs. Owen and Masen were already in the kitchen with their backpacks. Owen was reading his homework that he was missing today while Masen was playing on his DS player. I kissed my boy’s heads before I checked my carryon bag. I had my computer, tickets and various books to read.

As I was waiting for Kyra and Mia, I called Henry to verify that he would watch the house we were out of town. He said that he’d make regular rounds and patrols until our return late Sunday night. Still not a hundred percent trusting of Henry, I called Matthew and asked him to do the same. Matthew chuckled and promised to ensure the safety of my house.

By the time Oliver and Casey arrived, the girls were downstairs with their shared suitcase. Oliver carried the bags out to the car and we piled into the massive SUV. Once in the car, we drove the short distance to the private airstrip where Whitlock’s jets were housed. We were taking CullWhit One to LA. At the airfield, Oliver parked the car and we got onto the plane. Jeeves, the pilot…yes, his name is really Jeeves...greeted me with a smile. The kids all spread out around the plane. Masen and Owen were in the back, huddled around their gaming systems. Kyra was curled up on the couch and Mia was sitting next to me.

Mia hated flying.

Hell, who was I kidding...I hated flying, too.

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