Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Ilha do Amor Update

Chapter Fourteen on FFn

It's so Hard to Say Goodbye on AO3

It's so Hard to Say Goodbye on TWCS

It’s official. I’m a creeper.
I spent the night watching as Bella was sleeping. I counted her breaths, watching as her chest methodically rose and fell.  With each exhale, she whimpered quietly. I know, baby. I’m sad, too. I gazed at her long, mahogany locks as they were spread over my pillow. Her curls were crazy and perfect. I memorized how her body perfectly fit in with mine. Where she dipped, I curved. We were like two pieces of a puzzle. On her back, I traced her beauty marks.
I was terrified of her leaving. My heart was shattering at her imminent departure. I felt empty. I felt broken. I felt…
Such a pussy, Edward. Get over it. It’s not permanent!
Shut it. It’s two months. Two long months. Without her.
Bella gripped my body as if I was going to disappear. I returned her embrace, happy to feel her against me. I wanted to be draped in her warmth forever. For now, I’ll gladly accept her naked body pressed against mine. The tears she was crying…not so much. Her tears covered my bare chest as she sobbed in her sleep.
“I wish I could come with you,” I mumbled against her soft, fragrant hair. “You’re everything to me, gorgeous girl. My reason for breathing. I love you and I know that I am going to marry you someday.”
Her response was a choked sob against my body. I looked down at her, seeing her eyes still clamped shut. However, her face was covered with tears. She looked so broken against me. With a heavy sigh, I went back to counting her beauty marks on her back. What number was I on? Eh, I’ll start from the beginning.

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