Sunday, March 17, 2013

Angels and Monsters Teaser

I let myself be guided to the room that Edward and I shared. Esme and Alice lay down on the bed with me as I cried. I’m not sure how long we lay on the bed. But, Esme was gently running her fingers through my hair while Alice was holding my hand as I curled up against her shoulder. Carlisle had come into the house, walking into my bedroom. He was a bit bedraggled and wet. My brows furrowed.

“Carlisle, why are you dripping lake water all over my carpeting?” Esme admonished.

“I got thrown into Lake Michigan,” he said, giving his wife a sheepish grin. “Edward is having a newborn temper tantrum.” He shot me a look, giving me a sympathetic look. “Initially it was over the girl and her baby, but now, he’s having a fit over how he treated Bella. He feels guilty for even entertaining the idea of hurting her.”

I sat up, wanting to go to him.

“Stay, Bella,” Alice said as she hugged me. “It’ll be a few hours before he can get control over his emotions.” He’s hurting, Bells. He feels horribly about the girl but even more so about you. He loves you so much but the fact that he was so blinded by his anger and bloodlust that he could even entertain the idea of hurting you is making him feel like a monster.

“He’s not,” I whispered.

“He’s a newborn. We expected this,” Carlisle said as he took my hand, dripping some on the bed. “I’m surprised it took this long for his anger to manifest itself.”

“Carlisle, before you continue with this conversation,” Esme said fiercely, “you need to dry off. You’re ruining the area rug.” She hopped off the bed, tugging on her mate’s arm. He followed her, shooting me an apologetic grin.

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