Sunday, March 10, 2013

La Cantante Repost

Chapter Nineteen on FFn

Nightmares and Drama on TWCS

Nightmares and Drama on AO3

It’s official. Edward’s fingers and mouth are magical. They should be bronzed. Holy shit. The things that boy can do with his tongue are earth-shattering, mind-blowing and orgasm-inducing. Edward had surprised me with a wonderful evening. A night at the symphony, dinner at a romantic restaurant and naked fun time. This was the best night ever.
Cuddling in Edward’s twin-sized bed in his dorm room, I had finally made my decision about my physical aspect of our relationship. I was going to give myself to Edward on Homecoming Weekend. Each touch, each caress ignited my skin. He made feel loved, cherished, worshipped…I wanted to give him the greatest gift I could offer. Myself.
After our time in his bed, I watched him sleep. His chiseled features were relaxed. His mouth was slightly open and he was snoring, just a bit. It was honestly adorable, his little snort/snore. Each time he did it, I smiled. Not able to keep my hands to myself, I reached up and glided my fingers over his forehead, tracing his eyebrows. I continued ghosting my fingers down his nose, over his cheeks and finally rubbing fingers over his lips. He was truly perfect. I pressed a kiss to his lips and he hummed and held me tighter. I nestled my body closer to his and shut my eyes, falling asleep almost instantly.

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