Sunday, March 17, 2013

Angels and Monsters Update

Chapter Fifteen on FFn

Chapter Fifteen on TWCS

Chapter Fifteen on AO3

It had been a few days since our reconnaissance mission to Chicago. Edward had withdrawn from all of us. I was worried about him. He wouldn’t talk. He wouldn’t interact. He just sat on the roof of the house, staring out over the lake. He hadn’t moved since he scaled the walls and taking his perch on the roof.
I missed him.
Jasper sauntered up to me and sat down next to my spot in a neighboring tree. I wanted to watch Edward surreptitiously. I blocked my mind and watched him. Hey, Bells, Jasper said to me mentally. No change?
I shook my head, giving my friend and brother a frown. “What do you sense from him?”
Anger. Despair. Guilt. Fear, Jasper explained. Anger is the most predominant emotion. He’s pissed off over what happened in Chicago. Jasper stared at me and his eyes were questioning.
“He killed a vampire, popping off his head like a zit,” I said, chuckling darkly. It was funny to see. Disturbing, though. “Plus, he dealt with the bloodlust of the freshly spilled blood of the vampire’s victim. We dumped them both into a dumpster near Wrigleyville, torching it.”
“Do you remember what the victim looked like?” Jasper asked.
“A little taller than Esme, blonde hair, hazel eyes, I think,” I replied.

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