Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Ilha do Amor Update

Chapter Fifteen on FFn

Moving on Up on AO3

Moving on Up on TWCS

“Give me the largest glass of whatever alcoholic you have that’s legal,” I said as I plopped down in a bar in the airport of Dallas/Fort Worth.
“How strong, darlin?” asked the young bartender.
“As strong as you got, darlin,” I retorted back.
“How about a Long Island Iced Tea?” he winked.
“Heavy on the booze, light on the ‘tea’,” I snickered. He nodded and went about making my drink. I took out a twenty and played with it until my drink was ready. The bartender put my massive drink in front of me. I handed him the money. “Keep the change.”
“Thanks, darlin,” he quipped as he rang me up. I slurped down my drink, nibbling from the bowl of peanuts in front of me. It was strong. I could feel the effects of the booze hit me immediately. Then again, I hadn’t eaten much since breakfast with Edward. Drinking without eating is not wise.
Eh, fuck it. I’m miserable and cranky. Why not get drunk?
At six in the morning?
My love of my life is in Rio. I’m here. Bring more booze.
Not to mention, I’m PMSing. Wonderful. Perhaps, I should be looking for chocolate in addition to more alcohol. Perhaps combine the two? A mudslide is my next drink, damn it. Chocolate and alcohol. Best of both worlds.

Charlie and Renee's house

Bella's childhood bedroom


Family Room

Charlie's Office

Dining Room

Master Bedroom

Living Room

Bella's Apartment

Family Room

Dining Room

Bella's Bedroom


Guest bedroom



Flowers from Alice, Rose and Emmett

Flowers from Edward

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