Friday, March 22, 2013

Public Service Announcement...

Hey guys...

I just wanted to touch base with all of you who are regular followers and such. First off, thank you for your patience with my erratic posting schedules. My life has taken on a slightly crazed persona and unfortunately, it's affecting my time with writing/posting and such. The first obstacle is the fact that I'm moving. As in, on Monday. I'm on Spring Break (being a teacher rocks!) so it was the most convenient time for me to move. I should have internet up by Tuesday but I have to unpack my new place.

The second obstacle is I'm now the director of the high school musical that we're putting on. I was originally hired to be the assistant. Unfortunately, the woman who was the director is being put on medical leave and since I've got the most experience with theater/musicals/other various crap, I've been put in charge. Essentially, my workload has quadrupled in addition to being a regular teacher. Another kink is that I don't teach in the school where I'm directing.

This should be interesting.


Now, once April 23rd rolls around, my life should be calming down. In theory and I should be able to get back to writing more regularly. Until then, updates will sporadic and spotty, at best. So, please be patient with me.

Hugs and I'll see after the next four weeks of Hades.


  1. Real life comes first, looking forward to updates when you can.

  2. RL happens. Good Luck with the kids!!!

  3. Real life usually does crap like that. But you are a wonderful writer and your posts are worth the wait!

  4. Your stories are worth waiting for!