Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Ilha do Amor Teaser

“Alice, seriously. Why are you in my bed?” I asked.

Her head popped up and she scowled at me. “Don’t you remember?”


“The screaming? You were screaming,” she said, rubbing her eyes and looking at me. “Like we thought someone was murdering you. Emmett thought that Victoria somehow got on the island and was stabbing you while you slept. But, no. You were just sobbing for Bella.”

“Oh,” I said, faintly remembering some nightmares that I had had. “Screaming?”

Alice nodded somberly. “You scared us, Edward,” she said quietly. “You’re not going to…you know, go back to how you were before?”

“A mut?” I asked, completely deadpan.

Alice wrinkled her nose and giggled. “A mut is a man-slut.”

“I was that but not anymore,” I said as I sat up in my bed, still clutching Bella’s pillow. “The mere thought of another woman just sickens me.”

“Good,” Alice said as she curled up next to me. “I don’t want to lose Bella as a sister, brother mine.”

“I promise you that I won’t fuck it up,” I said, kissing my sister’s forehead. “How long have I been asleep?”

“It’s a little after midnight,” she answered, looking at my clock. “You got back around two. Ten hours? How long is Bella’s flight?”

“She’s supposed to arrive in Seattle at seven in the morning, local time. About one tomorrow?” I replied. 
“She’s got a killer layover in Dallas/Fort Worth. Six hours or so. It’s madness. I feel for her.”

“When is her layover?” Alice asked, her blue eyes wide with anticipation.

“She should be landing at some point soon,” I said. “Let me check her cell phone.” I found my phone, dialing Bella’s number. I was surprised when it rang. I put it on speaker phone, balancing it on my knee.

“Edward,” she breathed. “I just got off the plane ride from hell.”

“What happened, gorgeous?” I asked.

“The guy sitting next to me was doused in cologne that was nauseating and he wouldn’t shut the fuck up. All I wanted to do was put in my ear buds, order a vodka martini and sleep the whole way to Dallas. But, nooooooooooooooo…jerkwad wouldn’t shut up, yammering on and on and on and on and on and on about his prize-winning Chihuahua named Duchess Ladyfingers of Crete.”

I bit my lip. “Duchess Ladyfingers of Crete?”

“Yeah, fucking stupid name for a fucking stupid dog. Ugly dog, too. He showed me nearly a thousand pictures on his phone of this fugly dog. The thing had a massively huge head and a yellow beaded collar. Ugh…I wanted to strangle his ass. THEN, as we’re beginning our descent into Dallas, he asked me why I was so sad.”

“What did you say?”

“I told him that I left the love of my life in Rio and that his dog was the ugliest thing I’d ever seen,” she growled. “Yeah, I’m talking about you, moron. Eight FUCKING hours listening to you chatter about your ugly dog.” I heard a few choice swear words in Portuguese. “So is your dog, asshole.”

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