Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Next Chapter Teaser

“Come on, beautiful girl,” Edward crooned. “You’re in for a treat this morning.”

“Unless it involves you naked and more time in this bed, then it’s not a treat,” I grumbled, looking at his already dressed form. How long had he been up? “Damn, you’re not naked.”

“Nope. I woke up this morning and worked out in the fitness center, called the kids and verified our appointments for the spa,” he smirked. “Seriously, Bella, we need to get going. You have to eat breakfast at one of my favorite places here in New York. The food is to die for. You probably could because of all the butter they use, but it’s so delicious.”

“Did you have coffee this morning?” I giggled, sitting up. “You’re rambling a mile a minute.”

“I had an espresso,” he blushed. “I was tired but I wanted to make sure I was awake for our excursions today.”

“So you had an espresso,” I snorted. “You hate coffee so you had the equivalent of a coffee shot? You make no sense sometimes, Edward.”

“Imagine Alice on this stuff,” Edward snickered. “You think I’m hyper? She’s infinitely worse! Anyhow, you’ve got to shower and get dressed, beautiful girl.”

“Fine,” I sighed, heaving my body out of the bed. Edward wrapped his arms around my naked body, kissing my nose. “You are quite adorable, Dr. Masen.”

“So are you, Mrs. Masen,” he smiled crookedly. “You look like the cat that got the cream.”

“And I did,” I retorted, kissing his jaw. “Love you, Edward.”

“Love you so much more, Bella.” He kissed me softly before releasing me. I picked up my clothes from the suitcases. I dressed for comfort, not for fashion. A lot of what we were going to do involved being outside and well, I didn’t want to get sick. Dealing with sick children in Florida was not pleasant and subsequent problems didn’t help either. Edward was sicker than a dog and I was just downright bitchy and unpleasant.

I finished my shower, blow drying my hair straight and pulling into a low ponytail. From the looks of it, it was snowing and looked brutal outside. Staying in bed was becoming much more appealing.

“Bella! Chocolate chip pancakes are calling my name!”

But, my man-child of a husband has other ideas.


I finished getting ready, putting on my jeans, gray turtleneck sweater and gray boots. Edward was already dressed for the outdoors in his own jeans, green sweater and snow boots. He was holding my navy blue peacoat, practically bouncing on his toes in excitement. No more espresso for Edward. He helped me into my coat, scarf and put a gray hat with a fuzzy ball on my head. I glowered at him playfully. He just kissed my nose, leading me out of the room and down to the lobby. 

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