Monday, February 18, 2013

The Next Chapter Update

Chapter Seventeen on FFn


“We should eat something,” Edward said as he ran his fingers along my spine. “While feasting off your succulent body is highly arousing, I’m kind of hungry.”

“I’m surprised,” I giggled, turning to face him but staying on my stomach. His light touch was so relaxing along my back. “You were down there a long time.”

“That’s because you taste so sweet,” he purred, kissing me softly. My flavor was lingering on his lips along with a touch of his taste as well. He had gone down on me prior to our lovemaking and again afterward because he needed more of my body. I was a quivering, orgasmic mess when he was done with me. We took a brief nap and had just woke up to growling stomachs. “We can order room service.”

“I like the sound of that. I don’t have to put on clothes,” I smiled, giving him a seductive look.

“You ready for another round, beautiful girl?” he growled erotically.

“Maybe,” I said, pulling his face back to mine and kissing him deeply. He chuckled against my mouth. “What?”

“You may be ready for another round, but as you pointed out numerous times, we’re not as young as we used to be,” Edward smirked. “I need some more time to get my body moving, plus sustenance.” He hopped out of the bed, naked as the day he was born and picked up the binder with the menu for room service. We placed our orders and called our children. We had called them right after we checked into the hotel, but I wanted to hear their sweet voices again. 

Gramercy Hotel

Clinton Street Bakery Company and Restaurant

Liberty Island

Ellis Island

Central Park

Metamorphosis Day Spa

Bella's Up-do

Bella's necklace from Edward

Bella's Ring

Metropolitan Opera

Romeo and Juliet

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