Saturday, February 9, 2013

Starlet Update

Chapter Thirteen on FFn 

Seattle on AO3

Seattle on TWCS

“Edward, I think you broke my hoo-ha,” Bella panted out. We were tangled up in a mess of sheets on my childhood bedroom. Once we had gotten back from the cemetery, I needed her and we fucked against the door of the house, followed by the stairs, the kitchen counter, all of the couches and ending up in my childhood bed. We honestly spent every moment since then naked, being connected on an intimate level. I had to touch her. I desperately needed to love her and feel her love for me.
That was two days ago.
Two days of nonstop sex obviously was wearing on my girl.
“I’m so sorry, dolcezza,” I purred, brushing her sex ravaged hair away from her beautiful face. “I just needed to feel you.”
“I know, Edward,” she replied, curling up against my sweaty chest. “You needed this. I am more than willing to give it to you, but I’m hurting, baby. My girlie bits are barking and we need to relax, please?” She cuddled closer to me, pressing a soft kiss to my left nipple.
I nodded, idly running my fingers along her bare back. “I am sorry for being so needy,” I whispered against her soft hair. “I needed to feel loveand…”
“I understand, baby,” she responded, looking up at me with such devotion that it shattered my heart. “I love you so much and I’m so happy that I could be here for you. However, I’m asking you that the clingy part of you stays away from my hoo-ha for at least a few days. She’s pissed at your schlong. Damn you for being so well-hung.”
I barked out a laugh, pressing soft kisses to anywhere I could. Bella giggled quietly. We stayed cuddled together for a few more minutes before Bella pulled away. No, don’t go, baby.

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