Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Prescription for Love Update

Chapter 24 on FFn

Chapter 24 on AO3

Chapter 24 on TWCS

“That’s us,” Edward said with a wide, beaming grin. I got up and we headed to the ticket agent who scanned our boarding passes.
“Have a wonderful trip, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen,” she said.
I was about to correct her when Edward smirked at her, saying, “We will.” He dragged me down the jet-way. We settled into our comfy seats in first class. I buckled up and looked out the tiny window, freaking out that this long tube with wings will fly us to Honolulu. Twining our fingers together, Edward looked at me with mischief in his eyes. “Bella, have you ever considered joining the mile high club?”
Say what?
“Edward Anthony Cullen, are you asking me if I want to have…sex…on the plane?” Bella hissed, her eyes big as I’ve ever seen them. “Are you out of your fucking mind?”
“Nope. Perfectly sane,” I chuckled, leaning over to nibble on my girl’s ear.
“In front of all of these people? Hell, no, Edward,” she grumbled.
“It’s not like we’re going to get completely naked,” I reasoned, moving my mouth down her neck.
“You forget that I have a tendency to soak you when I come,” she deadpanned.
Shit, I forgot about that. I love it but damn… “Control it,” I purred.
“No, Dr. Horny,” she giggled. “I don’t want to ‘control it.’ I love losing myself in the feelings of what you give me, baby. I don’t want to stop my screams. I don’t want to quell my orgasm just because we’re on a plane.”

Rental Property

Bella's Luggage

Edward's Luggage

Dodge Challenger

Mercedes SUV

Sunset Cruise

Meat Lover's'll understand when you read the chapter. 

USS Arizona Memorial

Dole Plantation

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