Monday, February 4, 2013

A Ilha do Amor Update

Chapter Thirteen on FFn

Zero Zero Tolerance for BS on AO3

Zero Zero Tolerance for BS on TWCS

“We’ve got to go to the mainland to get some fireworks,” Alice said as she plopped down next to me. “Tomorrow’s the Fourth of July and a number of guests are American. They’ll get a kick out of a full-on fireworks display.”
“Don’t remind me about the date,” I grumbled. If it was the Fourth of July tomorrow, it meant that I’d be leaving the day after that and I truly didn’t want to. I wanted to stay on the island with Edward. “Can the guys come with us?”
Alice gave me a sad look, knowing my reasoning for the guys joining us. “Emmett and Jasper are working but Edward said he’d come,” she said. “Not working but staying here is driving him nuts. He could use some down time in Rio. Besides, he has connections with some really awesome vendors who can get us some kick ass fireworks. He’s making calls now.”
“Cool,” I breathed, grateful that my boyfriend, whom I leaving for nearly two months, was coming with us. “I’m going to quickly shower before we shove off.”
“Bring something to wear to a club. We’re heading out afterward,” Alice said as she walked to her villa.
“Alice, I don’t want to bring a bag while I’m shopping.”
“You can leave it on the boat, silly,” she giggled. “We’ll get ready there.”

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