Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Ilha do Amor Teaser...

Making it back to the villa without incident, I changed out of my bikini and into a pair of shorts, a yellow tank top and matching accessories. I also packed a bag for my club wear. I decided to bring a stark, white halter dress with gold accessories. I looked very virginal, even though I wasn’t really. I was tempted to dress Edward but decided against it since he was so anal about how he looked.

“Bella! Did Alice tell you about her overwhelming need to go the mainland? And to go clubbing?” Edward yelled through the house.

“Yes, baby,” I shouted from the closet, tossing my shoes into my duffel. I walked out, tossing the bag onto the bed. Edward was in a pair of khaki cargo shorts, a red v-neck and a pair of flip flops. Nestled in his unruly bronze hair were a pair of aviator sunglasses. “You need to get yourself all sexified for our night out. I was going to do it but heaven forbid I ruin your system in your closet.”

“Shut it,” he snorted, smacking my ass lightly. “I’m not that bad.”

“Yes, you are,” I giggled. “Your shirts are arranged by color, then designer and you’ve got this weird system for cleaning? You’re the most anal man I’ve ever met, baby.”

“Control freak,” he said, motioning around his head. “But, I’m working on it. Your chaos is definitely pushing me to the limit.”

“My chaos?” I laughed, putting my hands on my hips.

“Look at your clothes, gorgeous girl,” he said, pointing to my haphazard portion of his immaculate closet.

“Leaving in two days,” I said quietly, pulling on the t-shirts, tossing them into my open suitcase just outside of the closet. My heart shattered when I said that and it took all of my power to not cry. I was more upset about leaving Edward than I was at the end of my engagement on my wedding day. 

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