Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser...

Edward sent Tim to pick up Owen and Mia from school. Kyra was working. We were hoping that Steve would be settled in with us so Edward could pick up Kyra from Taco Bell after she was done with her shift.

“Mom?” Masen croaked, clearing his throat. “What’s going on? You seem so scared. I heard part of what was happening, but…”

“Someone that I dated in the past is trying to hurt me,” I said, wrapping my arm around Masen’s sweaty, heavy body. He really was feeling icky because he was never this cuddly, even as a little boy. He was always a stand-offish child. The only time he was a cuddle monster was when he was sick. It was like he was trying to get back into the womb. I pressed a kiss to his hair, resting my cheek on his unruly brown locks. “Anyway, this man, Jacob, we dated before I met your dad and we broke up.”

“Obviously,” Gianna snickered, sounding like Alice. “If you were still together, you wouldn’t be with Uncle Edward.”

“Right,” I laughed lightly, holding her close, too. “When we broke up, Jacob was okay with it. He pushed me for something that I wasn’t ready for and when I decided to end it, initially, he was hurt but not psycho.”

“Did something happen?” Masen asked, his hands clenching in anger.

“Unfortunately, yes. I lived in Phoenix when your dad and I first met. We were out at a club with Aunt Rose and a, um, a friend of hers. I ran into Jacob outside of the bathroom. He had seen your father and me dancing. Jacob was furious and he put his hands on me. Your dad stopped him, punching Jacob in the jaw. I didn’t see Jacob again until right before I moved out to Chicago, a few months later. He was okay and he wished me luck along with an apology for how he behaved at the bar, claiming he was drunk.”

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