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Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

Chapter Three on FFn

Job Hunts, Mongoloids, and Volleyball on AO3

Job Hunts, Mongoloids, and Volleyball on TWCS

"Come on, Kyra," I said. "You've got to pound the pavement." I turned to Owen and let him know that Edward was in charge for making dinner. My sweet boy nodded.

"Ugh! This is so stupid," she growled. "I mean, why do I need a job?"

"You're going to spend the rest of your life working, Kyra," I said as I followed her out to the car. She clambered into the Range Rover. Or The Beast, the third. It's the third Range Rover we've had since we got married. The first one lasted until our tenth anniversary. The second Beast lasted only two years before it got totaled while Jasper was borrowing it to move into his home in Wheaton. Edward was pissed. He made Jasper buy us the third reincarnation of our Beast. Edward also insisted that I get every bell and whistle on the black SUV. Despite my trepidation, I did and we had a nearly $200,000 car.

"You don't work," she said as she buckled her seatbelt.

"Yes, I do. I am Aunt Rose's agent along with the face for the Cullen Children's Foundation. I work my ass off," I said, starting the car. "So does your dad. I agree with his suggestion that you get a job. You'll find something nice and have money for your phone, clothes and hanging out with your friends."

"I can't hang out with my friends," she said bitterly. "I'm grounded, remember?"

"You may be grounded now, but I'm certain that your dad and I are willing to ease up on you once you show us some marked improvement," I said as I drove to the large shopping district on the south side of Wheaton. We started in Town Square. "Where do you want to look?"

"Hmmm, Express, The Gap, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor," Kyra said. "I don't want to work with food."
"Keep in mind that you are inexperienced. Some of those stores will only hire experienced sales associates," I explained.

Banners created by evilnat! Love you girl!

The new beast (but in black)

Town Square Wheaton

Town Square Wheaton

Town Square Wheaton

Taco Bell Uniforms

Monroe Middle School

Oberweis (best ice cream EVER!)

Monroe Middle School

Flowers for Mia from Geekward

Bear for Mia from Geekward

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