Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Save a Reindeer, Ride a Cullen - One-Shot

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Bella sat at her desk, her nose buried in the latest book that hit the shelves in her tiny regional library in Tennessee, near Knoxville. She was intrigued with the story of an innocent girl that was dragged into the dark world of BDSM by an elusive millionaire with gray eyes. Plus, it was hot and since she was currently single, the only action that Bella was getting. She felt slightly dirty reading such a book while at work, but the library was deserted save for her clerks that were restocking the shelves and her resident tech guru, Jacob, who smelled like Fritos and needed to invest in some deodorant.
“Ms. Swan?” came Jacob’s whiny voice. “I’m done with the desktop computers in the computer lab. I’ll work on networking the printers tomorrow. It’s getting close to shutting this place down.”
“Great! Thanks, Jacob,” she replied, giving him a curt smile. In addition to working for Bella, Jacob also had a mad crush on the brunette librarian. Every week, he’d ask her out. “After you’ve shut everything down; you can head on out.”
“I’ll wait for you, Ms. Swan,” he chuckled nervously, playing with his unruly black hair and shoving his glasses up his nose. “You should be escorted to your car. I’d hate for anything to happen to you.”
“That’s not necessary, Jacob,” she sighed.
“Oh, I insist, Ms. Swan. Perhaps, we could go out for dinner, too? I know this great restaurant in downtown Knoxville…”
“Jacob, I’ve told you several times that I’m not going out with you,” Bella said sternly. “It’s against policy and I’m washing my hair tonight. Sorry.”






Bella's Christmas Bra...

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