Tuesday, January 1, 2013

La Cantante Repost

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Sectionals on TWCS

We drove back from the mall after the first day of class. Bella puttered with her new phone. I drove us back to Brandon Hall. We needed to work on our plan of attack for the joint sectional on Wednesday. When we walked into the building, Bella excused herself to go to the bathroom. I took the opportunity to text my pixie of a sister.

Hey Pix! Did you know that Thursday is Bella's birthday – E

What?! No! – A

Party? Nothing too big – E

Hell yeah, Green-eyed Freak – A

Not Thursday, though. We have Emerson Express rehearsal. Lets shoot for Saturday. – E

Awesome, Edward. TTYL! – A

"Who are you texting?" Bella asked.

"My sister," I responded.

"And…?" Bella prompted.

"She says hi," I said giving her a kiss on the cheek. 

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