Saturday, December 29, 2012

Starlet Update

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"Bella, are you sure about us leaving the hotel?" Edward asked, his lips pulled into a worried grimace. In between his brows, there was a furrow indicating that he was stressed. Was heokay with us going to his parents' home? "I don't want to take you to my old house and have it be swarmed by the paparazzi."

"Edward, I'm fine with leaving," I said as I finished packing my bags. "Staying in the rental for two weeks and then the hotel for another week, makes me long for a night at home. Going to your house in Chicago sounds perfect. Where is it located?"

"Highland Park," Edward replied. The phone rang in the hotel room and he picked up. "Hello? Yes, thank you. We'll be right down." He hung up the phone and turned to me. "The car's here. You have everything?"

"Yeah," I replied. I picked up my carry on, slinging it over my shoulder. Edward finagled our suitcases as we left the hotel room that we stayed in for the week. It was an amazing week. No one bothered us. No drama. It was just us. Well, just us in all our kinky splendor. I'd never met someone who was kinky about sex as me. There was no surface left untouched by our sexual shenanigans. The entire suite was defiled. Multiple times. Edward definitely had a sexy, raw, unbridled passion about him and I loved it. I loved him. Everything about him.

So fucking much.

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