Saturday, November 17, 2012

La Cantante Update/REPOST

Chapter Two on FFn

Chapter Two on AO3

Chapter Two on TWCS


I felt a light scratching on my chest. Ugh, what is that?

Oh, right. Tanya.

I really need to stop doing this. Just because I'm lonely and horny does NOT mean I should call Tanya. I shuddered at what happened last night. Must escape from the ho.

"Tanya, stop." I put my hand on hers, effectively putting an end to her 'petting' of my chest. What am I? A dog? I think not…

"I thought you liked it when I did that, Edward," she purred.

"Not really," I said as I freed myself from her clutches. "I need to go check in at the Emerson. I move in today."

"Baby, don't go," Tanya pouted. She tried to make herself look vulnerable but it was such a farce. She wasn't vulnerable. She was a bitter, evil, skanky harpy. Why in the hell do I subject myself to this torture?

"I'm not your 'baby.'" I snapped. "I'm going to hop in the shower and then I got to leave."

"Can I join you?" Tanya asked seductively. The blanket fell from her body, revealing her full breasts that sickened me. She was too fake.

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