Friday, November 16, 2012

La Cantante Update (REPOST/EDIT!)

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It's too bright. It's too warm. What's the deal?

I squinted my eyes open to notice that the blinds were open in my hotel room. It's too early for it to be this bright. Oh right, now I remember. I'm moving into my dorm at university, Emerson University. Charlie insisted on coming a day before move-in day, just in case.

I rolled over in the uncomfortable hotel bed and scrunched my nose. There's something about the smell of a hotel room that is just nasty. I can only imagine the things that go on in these rooms on a nightly basis. Gross! 
When was the last time they washed the bedspread?

I can hear the shower running. Charlie, my dad, is up. He must have opened the blinds. It's his subtle way for 
me to get my ass out of bed. Thanks, CharlieMuch appreciated.

I heaved my body out of bed and I heard my cell phone chirp, alerting me that I had a new text. Who would be texting me? The only people who have this number are Charlie, Renee, my mom, Phil, my step-dad, my brother Emmett, and Jacob.

Oh, right…Jacob. Shit.

Note to self: get a new phone number. As. Soon. As. Possible.

Rose, Alice and Bella's Room

Patterson Hall

Patterson Hall 

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