Sunday, November 18, 2012

Angels and Monsters Teaser

We all agreed to another venture into town after Edward hunted. We left along with Kate and Garrett to get some ‘food.’ We also worked on some more fighting techniques. It had been nearly a month since our wedding and we were getting ready to attack the city of Chicago to end Victoria and, shudder¸ James.

A few vampire acquaintances have been running reconnaissance for us. We needed to know what we were up against with the army of newborn vampires. Alice’s visions were useless. She couldn’t pinpoint any locations, numbers or anything. We surmised that it was one of the vampires that were created was another blocker or ‘black hole.’ A vampire with that power can negate any other powers within his or her vicinity. You’d have to rely on your physical strengths and not your supernatural powers.

We got back to the cabin early in the morning. Edward and I showered together, washing off the muck from our hunt. We also made love in the shower. My leg was on his shoulder as he eased inside of my body. He was totally shocked at my flexibility. I just smirked as he gave me lots of orgasms. Unfortunately, Alice’s mental screams broke us apart and we managed to get dressed.

Once this is all done, angel, I’m taking you on a honeymoon you will never forget, Edward said as he wrapped his arms around my waist. “No interruptions. No sadistic sires. No psycho redheads. Just you, me and lots and lots of naked times.”

“Yes, please,” I whispered. 

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