Monday, November 12, 2012

A Prescription for Love Update

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You know what they say about teachers and doctors? Teachers make the worst students and doctors make the worst patients? Well, it's the damn truth. The week following my run-in with my brother's jaw, I was a first-class jerk. I was in pain and bitchy because I couldn't do my job. 
Bella, after a week, dragged me into my office and ripped me a new asshole for screaming at one of the new nurses that we'd hired. The poor girl was sobbing in the locker room because of my cranky, unprofessional behavior. I had shouted at her for not inserting an IV appropriately.

Shockingly, Bella put me in a timeout while she went to deal with the new nurse, Bree. She even went so far as giving me an assignment to center myself. Begrudgingly, I began typing on my computer, since writing was an issue with the damned black brace. It looked like a kindergartner wrote on prescription pad. I prided myself in having nice handwriting for a doctor. As of late, not so much.

When was this stupid black brace coming off?

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