Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Angels and Monsters ~ Teaser

Once we were done with our meals, Alice had a vision that we met the guys at the field. Not wanting to deny her vision, we took off and ten miles away, we arrived at the field that Alice had envisioned. The sun was poking through the clouds and all of our mates were shimmering lightly in the rays. My mind filled of making love Edward in the field, seeing his gloriously naked body sparkling under the light of the sun. His head shot up and I heard a low rumbling growl coming from him. Faster than a blink of an eye, Edward by my side and dipping me deeply, crashing his lips against mine.

“Do I need to break out the hose?” Jasper snarled, breaking us apart.

“Jasper, we’re in the middle of a field. What hose?” Edward snorted, wriggling out his hold and wrapping his arms around me from behind. I could feel his arousal nestled between my ass cheeks.

“Step away from your wife,” Jasper said sternly. Why isn’t he moving? I’m sending him vibes that Bella pissed at him. “BELLA! STOP SHIELDING HIM!”

“Dude, relax,” Emmett laughed, dropping a beefy hand on Jasper’s shoulder. “When was the last time you had some?”

Jasper turned to Emmett and arched his brow. Then, his face broke into a scary grin and Emmett was pinned underneath Jasper easily. “Fuck me,” Emmett groaned.

“Sorry, big guy. I’m straight,” Jasper replied, kissing his lips together. “And this is what I’m talking about with refining and honing your fighting skills. I should not be able to pin you.”

“Dude, you’re like old,” Emmett bellowed, bucking Jasper off his body. Lithely, Jasper landed in a crouch, growling lowly. “You’re no match for me. You just caught me by surprise. And Bella, minus her bells and whistles? I can fight her, too.”

The next thing we knew, Jasper and Emmett collided against each other like two large boulders. They moved so quickly that they appeared to blurring, even to our vampire eyes.

“Fifty bucks on Emmett,” Rose said. “He pins Jasper in five minutes.”

“Nah, I think that Jasper will win in less time,” I replied. “He’s a seasoned fighter. My money’s on him.”

“I’m with Bella,” Edward said, putting his hand around my waist.

“Emmett,” Esme said after a few seconds. “He’s so big!”

“Carlisle, who do you think will win?” Rose asked.

“I plead the fifth,” he chuckled, shaking his head.

“Alice, you want in?” Edward asked.

“I already know,” she chimed. “I took a peak at the future. And you all will see in three…two…one…” 

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