Monday, September 17, 2012

Angels and Monsters ~ Teaser

“Jesus! You two are like a live porno!” Emmett bellowed.

“Can I kick his ass?” Edward mumbled against my lips.

“He can still cause damage to you but you have a slight edge with the telepathy and being a few weeks younger than him,” I replied. I unwrapped my legs and Edward was off like a shot, tackling Emmett to the ground. They were wrestling on the forest floor, bumping into trees, cracking them easily.

Rose stood next to me, watching her mate wrestle mine. “If only they were in a vat of mud and completely naked,” she giggled.

“I saw that!” Edward grumbled as he flipped Emmett over his shoulder. “I do not need the visual of Emmett’s junk covered in mud forever scorched in my brain, Rosalie.” Rose narrowed her eyes and caused Edward to squeal. “Gross! YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! That’s fucking sick!”

“What did you send him?” I asked.

“Emmett’s love of wearing plushie costumes while we have sex. Specifically, the plushie heads,” Rose smirked, giving me a very graphic picture of Emmett wearing a teddy bear head dancing around naked, shaking his ass and making his dick wiggle excitedly.

“He really doesn’t do that, does he?” I hissed.

“Would his dick still be attached if he did?” she chortled. “No.”

“Okay, boys,” Esme chided, wading between the two men. “You’ve proven your macho ways. Let’s move on with our lives.”

“Keep your pervy thoughts of my wife out your head, Emmett McCarty,” Edward snarled, his lips curling over his teeth. “I don’t think about Rose like that.”

“Does he?” Rose asked.

“No. The only fantasies he has star me,” I giggled. I focused my attention on Emmett and I could see his mind obsessing over what he saw of me and Edward on the porch. It was hot but Emmett’s imagination was taking it to the next step. I zinged him lightly on his wang, earning a howl from him. “Edward’s right, Emmett. In both ways.”

“Did you just zing The General?” he whimpered, cupping his junk.

“People! We need to focus,” Alice said as she jumped manically in front of us. “Psycho red head who’s creating a newborn army in Chicago with some creepy mystery vamp. Plan of attack…ridding the world of her crazy ass…ensuring that Chicago is still a city filled with humans and not vampires…IDEAS are NEEDED! Go!”

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  1. gotta love Bellas talent in this story, if only she had it in twilight, that woulda been funny lol