Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Prescription for Love ~ Update

Chapter Fourteen on AO3

Chapter Fourteen on FFn

Chapter Fourteen on TWCS

Bella came back to sit next to me after she went to talk to Jasper. She was shivering slightly and I could tell that her heart was stammering against her chest. I kissed her forehead while I glared at my idiot brother. His eyes were wide with shock. Alice also was glaring at him.

"Jasper, outside. Now," she spat. Jasper followed Alice like a lost puppy dog. He had apparently pissed off Alice one last time. Why he couldn't see all of the goodness in Bella was beyond me. My brother had always been slightly vain but this was ridiculous.

"They might take awhile," Rose said. "Why don't the four of us have a game? The losers buy dinner?"

"Deal," Bella said, smiling at my sister. She hopped up and quickly changed the names on the screen. We bowled through our entire game, with Emmett and Rose kicking our asses, when Alice came back into the bowling alley with tears streaming down her face. "Alice?"

Her face screwed up into a tighter grimace and she flung herself at Bella, sobbing hysterically. Okay, first Bella. Now Alice? My brother is so getting an ass-kicking.

"Alice, what's wrong?" Bella asked, rubbing her shoulders.

"We got into a huge fight in the parking lot. I told him that I couldn't handle his close-mindedness," she sniffled against Bella's shoulder. "I asked him why he was so standoffish with you and he said because you were a fat ass and not good enough for Edward. So, I slapped him and ended it. I thought he was different. I thought he was the one but he's not."

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