Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Ilha do Amor Update ~ New Story

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"Tyler and I want to thank all of you for being here for our special day tomorrow," I began. "We have so many people to thank. Dad, Mom, thank you for your generosity in helping us pay for our wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Crowley, thank you for the wonderful rehearsal dinner. Our attendants, thank you for being our friends and family."

"We have a few presents for everyone who has been involved in our wedding," Tyler said stiffly. He bent down and picked up the bags. He handed me the pink bags for my bridesmaids while he took the black presents for his groomsmen. We passed out the presents and our attendance oohed and aahed over the small tokens of our appreciation. Tyler wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my temple as we watched. I melted against him happily.

We'd been together for nearly four years. We'd met at an orientation meeting at the newspaper we worked at, the Seattle Times. Our relationship started off as a friendship then morphed into something more. The next thing we knew, we were having adult sleepovers. We didn't move in together because of Tyler's situation with a roommate. Then, Tyler proposed to me. I giddily said yes, excited to be with such a wonderful man. And he truly was. It wasn't whirlwind romance. It just flowed from one moment to the next. I couldn't wait to be his wife.

Tyler was smart, funny, good looking, friendly and genuinely nice. He was nearly six feet tall with a dark brown hair and tanned skin. That's his only fault is his love with the tanning bed. His eyes were dark and sharp. Tyler's smile was blinding with his set of perfectly white teeth. His body is muscular and he gave the best hugs. He didn't like to kiss a lot but he made up for it with his hugs. He was a notorious cuddler.

Tyler wrote for the sports section of the Seattle Times while I was a writer for the gossip/entertainment section. Yes, I was one of those annoying journalists who pried into the private lives of the rich and famous but their lives are so interesting. Okay, fucked up.

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