Monday, September 24, 2012

A Ilha do Amor Teaser

“You? A geek?” I replied, raising my brows in shock. “Despite your slutty ways, Edward, you’re kind of hot.”

“Um… a… erm…well?” he stammered. “What?”

“You are,” I said, dipping my spoon into the ice cream. “I don’t see the geek.”

“Hold that thought,” he said as he darted away. The lights were still off and I heard him run into something, cursing a blue streak that he stubbed his toe. Ten minutes later, he came back with a small photo album. “No one, I mean, NO ONE has seen this since I graduated from high school. It’s been buried under my bed in a shoe box, bonding with dust bunnies.” He sat next to me at the breakfast bar and pulled a candle close to us. “Don’t laugh.” Edward appeared nervous as he pushed the photo album toward me. I smiled reassuringly as I took it, slowly opening it up.

Inside there were pictures of Edward that were less than flattering. Apparently, he had a penchant for wearing this ugly rainbow sweater, hand knit scarves and really thick black glasses. In addition to that, he had a mouthful of braces. With the head gear. I looked at the sexy as fuck man sitting next to me and back again at the geek. “This isn’t you.”

“I assure you. It is,” he said, biting his lip. “We had a vote at my private school that wasn’t broadcast to the staff members, but I was voted most likely to stay a virgin for my whole life.”

“Damn,” I said as I ran my fingers over the pictures, shocked at how long Edward’s hair was. “Obviously, you changed. Physically, that is.”

“Yeah. Eventually, I got the braces off,” he said. “Though, I do still have to wear the retainers at night.” He popped out two retainers and blushed. “Those braces cost a pretty penny and I do NOT want to deal with the pain of them ever again.” He put the retainers back in his mouth and ran his fingers through his hair. “I also got corrective eye surgery to get rid of the glasses. I was a step away from being blind. However, my dad’s connections with the medical community got me into some clinical trial for Lasik and I’m currently without glasses. I also got a haircut and discovered the wonders of gel and pomade. Alice helped me with that.”

“Now, I’m going to turn into Dr. Phil on you,” I quipped.

“Please don’t. I would be scarred for life,” he laughed. “You’re this beautiful woman and to see you morph into that bald headed man with a mustache and deep southern accent is seriously fucked up.”

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  1. Daniel gale is sexy beast. And I would love to ravish him.