Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Next Chapter Update!

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Life slowly returned to normal after our trip to Disney World. Edward dove headlong into his new position as the chief of staff. His first decision was hiring a new head of emergency medicine. He ruffled a few feathers when he announced two heads, Dr. Shapiro and Ren. They would share the role and work together to run the ER. Dr. Shapiro was baffled by this but when Edward explained why he decided the way he did, he understood. With Jake's illnesses, Ren needed to be there for his husband. Dr. Shapiro also had younger children. So, this was the best option for everyone.

The kids prattled on about the trip for weeks. Everywhere we went, they had a story or a comment about Disney World. The most random statement came from David. We were in the checkout lane at the grocery store and he told the older gentleman behind us that he thought that the robots in at Magic Kingdom were secretly zombies. Then, he started singing 'It's a Small World.' I pulled him next to me, smiling sweetly at my cohort in line, uttering my apologies for my random child. He just laughed and smiled, saying that David reminded him of his grandson.

I paid for our groceries and we waved goodbye at our new friend before heading out to the car. Esme was watching the girls while I went grocery shopping with David. I was almost to my car when my cart was stopped by a hand. "Excuse me," I said as I tried maneuver around my obstruction.

"Is that how you are going to greet your mother?"

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