Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Few Things...

Okay, folks...the time of being spoiled with almost daily updates and tons of teasers is coming to an end. The school year is starting up come Monday and I have to go back and teach the future musicians of the world. (HA!) Anyhow, my updates won't be daily as they were over the summer but I will still be updating. Just not as quickly as I used to.

In addition to that, here's my plan of attack:
1. Finish up Finding Love Through Music. We've got one more chapter and the epilogue.
2. Research 18th century colonial living in the Caribbean Islands for High Seas and continue that story.
3. Obviously, have fun with A Prescription for Love (gotta love Dr. Sexward Tattward)
4. Create an outline for ANSOL/TGGTP sequel. I'm still looking for title ideas. I would like to incorporate the word 'dork' in it. If you've got an idea. Please, send it my way. I'm desperate.
5. And let's not forget Angels and Monsters (they need to get their freak on) and Starlet (Slutella needs to find her way in the world.)
6. I cannot forget the epilogue for Figure Eight. I'll probably move that towards the top.

So, yeah!

I hope you stick with me and I'll see at Christmas Break (just kidding...I'll update before then).



  1. Hey what about The Next Chapter? Don't forget to work on that one too....geez!

    1. That's what I'm currently working on. I'm hoping to have an update for TNC up by tomorrow at the latest???