Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Prescription for Love Teaser

“You’re right that I’m not ready to say it back to you, Edward,” I murmured. I’m terrified that when I do, you’re going to throw it back at me and laugh in my face. Or screw me over, like Jacob did.

FUCK! He’s not fucking JACOB!!!!

“I need to get to the point where I do trust you implicitly. Obviously based off my reaction of what happened today, I still have residual trust issues and I’ll be bringing that up with Michele. However, I can say that I strongly like you a lot, Edward.”

“I can handle that,” he smirked. “Now, we survived our first fight and do you know that means?”


“Make up cuddling,” he smiled, cupping my face with his warm hands.

“Isn’t it usually make up sex?”

“Are you ready to have sex with me?” Edward asked, arching a brow over his sexy glasses.

“No, not yet. And I’m kind of out of commission due to…” I blushed. “I’ll shut up now.” Fucking period. Fucking stomach flu that forced me to get my fucking period. God damn it!

“Bella, I’m a doctor. A little blood won’t faze me,” he chuckled.  Wait a minute…hold up a second. What? “But, I want our first time to be magical. I want to give you the night that you should have had when you lost your virginity. And it sure as hell won’t be make up sex. I want to make love to you. All. Night. Long.”

Yep. My ovaries exploded.

Wait, that’s cramps. Shit.

“So, for now, you’ll have deal with some make up cuddles and perhaps some make up making out,” he snorted. “And we’re going to do it in my bedroom because fuck, I’m exhausted.” Edward stood up and dragged me up with him. With a maniacal laugh, he heaved me over his shoulder. I squealed as I wigged on his shoulder. He gently put me down on the center of his king-sized slice of heaven. Also known as his bed.  “Bella?”

“Yes,” I said breathily.

“I do love you and don’t ever doubt that,” Edward said solemnly. “That will never ever change.” I searched his eyes for any impropriety and dishonesty but saw none. I cupped his neck and pulled him down to reach my lips to his. We made out for who knows how long but it was amazing. It was, by far, the hottest make out session in my meager history of make out sessions. 

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  1. Totally like it! I'm going to read APFL right now... I'm still planning on reading it but somehow I haven't. I loved the teaser!