Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood Update

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Fifteen Years Later

"Dad! Please, can I use the car? I have cheerleading practice after school and then we're playing a prank on coach," Kyra whined. "Please?" She jutted out her lip pathetically and sidled up to me.

"Kyra, that is pitiful," I snorted.

"Don't make me break out the crocodile tears, Dad," she said, batting her lashes.

"Fine. But, you know your curfew, principessa," I said as I handed her the keys to my old Volvo SUV. "If you are a minute late, then you will not be going to the football game this weekend, regardless of the phone calls of your coaches. Got it?"

"Yes, Daddy," she squealed as she kissed my cheek. "I love you!"

"Love you, too," I said as I turned back to the computer.

"FREEZE, YOUNG LADY!" Bella bellowed. "You did not just go to your father to get permission to get the car did you?"

"Crap," Kyra spat.

"Hold up," I said sternly. "Your mom said no? And you didn't tell me?" I was disappointed in my oldest child who knew she got caught in a lie.

"Sorry, Dad," she muttered.

Bella was in my office, her arms crossed over her breasts, glaring at Kyra. "You know better, Kyra Marie Cullen."

"Mom! This is important," she stomped.

"Your schoolwork is important. Cheerleading isn't," Bella said sternly. "You can go to practice but either your father or I will pick you up from school afterward. And after the game Friday, you are grounded until next Friday. No friends, no Facebook, no phone. You'll fork it over after school today."

"This is so unfair!" Kyra screamed as she ran out of my office, throwing the keys onto the ground. Her door slammed shut and it caused Bella and I to jump.

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