Monday, July 30, 2012

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood Teaser

“Are you going into the office?” she asked.

“I’m going to stay here. Do some work from home,” I shrugged. Whitlock Technologies was thriving. We had three distinct divisions now. Jasper was the head of the software division. I headed up the hardware division. Charlie, Bella’s birth father, headed up the law enforcement division. That was a shocker but he couldn’t be a cop anymore. About five years after Owen was born, Charlie was shot on the job and he was forced into early retirement due to the injury. He was unbearable to be around and his wife, Sue, all but begged us to help out. About year after his injury, I was giving him a tour of the law enforcement division and he seemed excited about it. We spoke at length and I hired him on the spot. He had to learn the ropes first, but a year after that, he was one of the vice presidents of Whitlock Technologies.

“If you’re working from home, I’m going to head in to the office to do some publicity for the foundation. We’ve got three more locations opening and I want to make sure that the media coverage is adequate,” Bella said as she nibbled on her breakfast.

“Can’t you do that here?” I pouted.

“God, stop it, Edward,” she giggled. “If I do that here, it won’t be getting done. We’d end up in bed.”

“And this is a bad thing because…” I prompted, winking at my fuckhot wife.

“Jesus, Edward. You are still such a hornball,” Bella snorted. “You’re two years away from fifty! Shouldn’t you be slowing down?”

“For you? NEVER,” I bellowed as I hopped up from spot and went to chase her. Bella squealed and took off. She was smaller than me but I was still faster. I caught up with her and threw her over my shoulder, smacking her gorgeous ass. Carrying her to the living room, I put her on the couch and covered her body with mine. I was definitely hard and wanting my wife. Desperately.

“You’re going to hurt yourself, Edward,” she said breathily as she twined her fingers into my hair.

“Do you care about me hurting myself right now or are you just talking?” I chuckled as I swiveled my hips, pressing my cock against her heat.

“Just talking,” she said as she pulled me down to kiss me deeply. Our tongues tangled with each other and Bella was going to lift my shirt when her cell phone rang from the kitchen. She groaned and pushed me off her. 

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